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The shower block which is near a main road was installed while pipes are replaced in the flats

Residents living in a block of 90 flats have described being forced to use outdoor showers as “humiliating”.

The Stratford apartments, in east London, have been without hot water and heating for eight days while “essential” pipe repairs take place.

Tenants, who may have to wait six weeks for work to end, say the gas-powered shower block is “not good enough”.

Richard Hill, chief executive of management company One Housing, apologised “unreservedly”.

“We do understand their frustration about the works and we would ask them to bear with us while we sort out these current issues,” he said.

The flats affected are occupied by a mixture of owners, shared owners and private rented tenants.

All are still required to pay the £150 a month service charge.

Tenant Rob Leary said of the temporary shower block: “It’s right next to a main road and they’re expecting us to come out here with our clothes, get changed and pop back into our houses that don’t have any heating?

“It’s humiliating really,” he added.

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Rob Leary says being forced to shower outside for six weeks is “humiliating”

Mother-of-two Rajae Miftah said she was taking her young children to shower at the local swimming baths.

“It’s hard and I’m scared they’ll catch cold,” she said.

Other occupants said they were concerned about the location of the gas-powered showers directly under the building’s cladding.

Tenants had been informed in December the cladding did not meet fire safety regulations required by mortgage companies.

But One management said the homes were safe.

“We have looked at all possible placement options and where the shower unit is currently situated meets regulations,” Mr Hill said.

The company added that leaseholders would be “entitled to compensation and this will be calculated and paid once the heating and hot water service is back up and running”.

It said it has offered tenants the use of fan heaters, and would also be arranging temporary gym memberships to provide alternative showering facilities.

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